The Historic Midland Cemetery

The Midland Cemetery Memorial event Saturday May 26th at 1pm

Our annual Memorial event will be held on Saturday May 26th 2018 at 1PM at the Midland Cemetery located at 206 Kelker Street, Swatara Township. This is open to the public. Please come and pay tribute to the lives of the veterans. Major General Lord of Washington DC. will be the keynote speaker, Milo Carpenter will MC, The representatives from the 3rd USCT of Philadelphia will be in attendance, along with Rep Patty Kim and Brig General Wolfe. Bishop Roberta L. Thomas of Fountain Gate Church will be giving the opening and closing prayers. Please share this information with family and friends. 


Here lie mothers, fathers, sons and daughters--people who lived their lives to the best of their abilities-- people who accomplished remarkable things. There are soldiers from the Civil War (United States Colored Troops), World Wars I and II (including Tuskegee Airmen) and the Korean War. There are beloved teachers who guided and changed the lives of their students, each one a leader who made the lives of those who came later more meaningful, and more safe.

To those whom we wish to remember with reverence, we dedicate this monument.


Day of Caring to be held on May 11th to create a message board at the cemetery. Pray for good weather. 

Old news:  01/09/2017: The artist and sculptor both checked the base of the tree to find that it was rotting. The decision was to have the balance of the tree cut down. In doing so, we have also decided that we would salvage large plates of the tree for the sculptor to burn our original designs into the wood. Once the panels are completed, these will then be placed throughout the cemetery depicting the history of those who are interred at Midland. Keep checking back for updates.

We will be studying the lives of these people that we may tell their stories. There will be portraits carved into the tree where we have a likeness to work from. Others will be shown in pictorial narratives where "a picture is worth a thousand words."

In this way, we strive to keep the memory of these people alive, along with the rich history of the African-American people and their role in the forming of this great country.